So, you want to start using video projection in your church?

Using video projection is a constantly growing trend. It easily allows you to incorporate Bible verses and song lyrics in your worship service, plus projecting upcoming events and announcements which can give a boost to their attendance. The right projector, size, and location of the screen are extremely important to get the best use of your investment.

Video Recording and Streaming Churches have used video cameras to record and broadcast their services for years. With new technology paired with lower cost of broadcast equipment, it is easy to do.

When prospective young adults move to your area they research the local church in a new way, by viewing services and other media available online. If your services are available at any time they are more likely to watch, listen, then come to visit. Its well worth the investment as we enter into this new age of technology and church growth.

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The Foundry2

collierville united methodist church - The Foundry

Like many churches today, Collierville United Methodist Church saw the growth of it's contemporary service and decided it was time to invest in their space of worship. Working with the leadership team, Memphis Sound Lab designed a complete transformation of their audio, lighting, and video projection systems to enhance the congregations experience during their worship services. Since the service met in a gymnasium MSL decided the Electro Voice EVI speakers would be the best solution to minimize reflections and to increase clarity. Another way to do this is by minimizing the stage volume. By converting to wireless in-ear monitors, isolating the guitar amps, and shielding the drums, the control of the sound is maximized by the system and its engineer.