For fundamental worship, there are 4 primary purposes:

Selective Visibility

Lighting is not just a means to see, but a way to communicate and enhance the spoken word or worship service. From a spotlight on the preacher, colored lighting for the whole stage, or a full lighting system installation for large production, the Memphis Sound Lab will design a system for you based off of these four primary purposes.

Acoustic Treatment/Construction
From churches to commercial businesses, acoustics are a large part of your presentation/worship. The Memphis Sound Lab can design an acoustic treatment for new construction and renovations, and are able to provide you with a honest evaluation of your current acoustical conditions. We can also provide preliminary designs to your building committees for any improvements needed to help in budget planning and fundraising.When you are in need of a professional, custom display, scoreboard, sign, timer, clock, etc., give the Memphis Sound Lab a call.
Sound system – Left/Center/Right system: EV EVI 15: center speaker, Fri-15 Main Speakers, Fri-181 subs, Soundcraft LX7 32 Channel console. The Rack - DOD Graphic EQ,

Furman Graphic EQ, EV Power Amp, QSC Power Amp, EV Speaker Processor, EV CPS Series Power Amp.

Video system - Panasonic projector, Da-Lite Cinema Contour, Video Format Screen
Woman Praying — Church in Memphis, TN