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Our Core Values

Christian Leadership

  Our owner believes that Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior and makes the choices in leading this company with that on his mind daily. We pray over you, our customers, as well as each other every morning before we begin work, keeping the reason we are here in perspective. 


  We want you to believe every word we say, so we work hard to maintain expectations and keep our promises. We aren't perfect so we want to fix something if we make a mistake to maintain a positive experience for all parties involved.


  When we send you a quote for work, we want you to receive it with confidence. We put time into making sure the components operate together well and are not over-engineered. 

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    Charles has 40-plus years of experience in selling sound equipment, and within the last 25 years, he has completed over 500 installations. With his knowledge and experience, he is at the top of his field.

  For 21 years, Charles was also a part of the praise band at Community Bible Church in Memphis. The time he spent involved with the praise band has given Charles an advantage because he knows firsthand what needs and problems occur when working with a sound system for a church.


Since 1977, the Memphis Sound Lab was created as a division of Strings and Things (one of the largest retail music stores in the nation) in 1977. Within the last 40 years, we have projected our ability to offer great customer service, high-quality products, and cost-effective solutions. Selling and installing systems is not the only thing we do, we also handle service and repair calls. Our mission is to help churches flourish in their worship as they enter a world of new technology.

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