LED Wall


When the team at Macon Road Baptist Church in Tennessee were planning their new worship and teaching facility, their concept centered on a large and costly stained-glass window, not at all considering an LED wall. However, thanks to Charlie Lawing at Memphis Sound Lab, a last-minute change of plans led to a much more flexible, finished project.

Memphis Sound Lab was originally asked for a quote on a pair of projectors and screens to be installed on either side of the stained glass window. The window was to fill the central wall behind the stage. We suggested that they take the budget from the window and use it to buy an LED wall instead, allowing them to have a picture of a stained-glass window on Sundays, but also giving them flexibility to change the backdrop for special events like Christmas and Easter. In the end, the church loved the idea, so we installed the LED wall.

The screen, made up of 84 AV6 LED panels, was hung using high-tension wire cables attached directly to the I-beam. This method makes the screen appear to be floating in mid-air, as the wires are hardly visible when the house lights are down and the stage lights are on.

Had Macon Road Baptist Church followed their original plan and installed a stained-glass window, they’d have a beautiful backdrop to their sanctuary. However, by choosing our consultations and ideas they now have something much more flexible. Their screen is able to provide an endless variety of eye-catching and thought-provoking imagery, as well as serving practical uses such as displaying song lyrics, scriptures, and sermon visuals. It is quite possible that LED video walls are the stained-glass windows of the 21st century.

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